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They will be promoting in both Korea and China. Many rumors say that the Wanna One’s contract will be extended due to its continuously increasing popularity. Meanwhile, I.O.I. On October 07, 2020, the WJSN unit – WJSN CHOCOME debuted with their new track “Hmph!” from their new single album Hmph!. Although Gu Jiacheng’s acting skills and facial values are not inferior to Xiao Zhen’s, and he is a more important protagonist in “Oh, My Emperor”, but he has been slow to catch on.

The group consists of eight members: Ji Suyeon, Elly, Choi Yoojung, Kim Doyeon, Sei, Lua, Rina, and Lucy, where Yoojung and Doyeon were previously members of I.O.I.. After the official I.O.I. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. They debuted as a 12-member formation – three of them were from China and the rest came from Korea. After I.O.I. Finally, in 2018, the group could not continue to have a big development, so they held a concert, which was also the last concert of the group together, although it was not explicitly said that it was a “farewell concert”, but after this concert, basically the members of the group went their own way. The group currently consists of nine members: Eunice, Jueun, Huihyeon, Jenny, Yebin, Eunjin, Chaeyeon, Eunchae and Somyi. Just like WJSN’s Wu Xuan Yi and Meng Meiqi have to leave WJSN after joining Rocket Girls 101, and now that Rocket Girls 101 is about to disband, the possibility of Wu Xuan Yi and Meng Meiqi returning to their original group is already very small, after all, the two of them … carried banners that read, “Do not forget that we really love you guys,” bringing the sad feelings of the fans. Since the presence of Yeonjung in WJSN, netizens have become increasingly more interested with WJSN as pert of the Korean music industry. and you guys all forget that wjsn is a group formed by starship AND yuehua, of course they're getting more opportunities because two agencies manage them ... such sweet and loving sunbaenims to all their younger groups and artists so like hell any of them wanted to see them disband. members already had their own groups and were afraid that they will interrupt the I.O.I. Cosmic Girls (우주소녀) are a 13 member girl group under Starship Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment that debuted on the 25th of February, 2016. In fact she got the highest score compared to Pinky and Chaeyeon while covering Sunmi song entitled Full Moon.

They debut on June 23th so I think they will disband the same day. fans who will watch the last concert to encourage them. During the Produce 101 show, Kim Sohye was often highlighted for her weakness in memorizing powerful movements and vocals. 14 Facts About I.O.Is’ Disband (Date and Reason), Jo Hee-bong’s Profile: Birthday, Height, Weight, Wife, and Facts, Old Flame: Learn More The Details About JYJ’s Junsu and EXID’s Hani Past Romance, Everything You Need to Know About GFriend’s SinB. It is also for these reasons that most people feel that the XNINE, although not publicly disbanded, has actually been quietly disbanded.

However, over the passage of time as well as the spirit and help of other trainees, Sohye was able to perform various missions and present them well. SISTAR can't be giving money to both of them. Ahead of the breakup of I.O.I., YMC Entertainment released an official light stick for I.O.I. Either Monsta X or WJSN need to disband. Empat anggota lain pergi karena keterlibatan lain di luar I.O.I.- Chaeyeon, kembali ke grupnya DIA, Sejeong dan Mina, memfokuskan debut mereka dengan Gugudan dan Yeonjung, menjadi anggota ke-13 Cosmic Girls (WJSN). Unit pertama akhirnya merilis single berjudul Whatta Man (Good Man) pada 9 Agustus 2016. members sang a song created by Woozi SEVENTEEN entitled Downpour.

has been contracted by YMC Entertainment for one year and there is no contract extension for them, as some of the I.O.I. 1 year ago. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. They got caught in the crossfire of China’s restrictions on Korean’s performing. The show was relatively hot at the time, but after the show’s end and the group debuted, it was almost in a slump for a long time. So by now, there are a lot of people who don’t know that he was a member of the XNINE when Xiao Zhan was mentioned, and the XNINE seems to have become a past event for these members, although some of the members still have the XNINE label in their Weibo certification, the three who have joined the R1SE like Xia Zhi Guang, Zhao Lei, and Yan Yujia have changed their certification to the new group. Some questions from other trainees arose like, does Sohye really only act as the weakest trainee just to get more spotlight than other trainees? I.O.I. Netizens who know about the news there were disagreeing, because they liked I.O.I., who did promotions for less than a year. The last concert of  I.O.I titled “Time Slip-I.O.I.” was held on 20-22 January 2017. However, in response to such speculation, the captain Wu Jiacheng said in a recent interview, “XNINE did not disband!”. As a last track, they released “Very Very Very” in October and went up to the first place again on many music shows. DIA ( shortened from DIAMOND and acronym for Do It Amazing) is a South Korean girl group formed by MBK Entertainment in 2015. Where is that girl? lol it's a big business afterall, nobody expects an instant profit.

Ever since the disband, she and her fellow label mate Kim DoYeon debuted in … Of course the shape of ice cream perfectly matches the personality of I.O.I.s’ members as they are cute and sweet.

WJSN or Cosmic Girls is a girl group under STARSHIP Entertainment and also collaborates with Chinese agency Yuehua Entertainment which debuted in February 2016 with the song MoMoMo.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. also performed at the KBS Music Awards on December 29th. They won rookie of the year at MAMA on December 2nd, 2016, which was a very good achievement.

O grupo estreou em 25 de fevereiro de 2016 com o lançamento do extended play Would You Like? For the current XNINE, each member’s development prospects have been different, and Xiao Zhan is undoubtedly the most successful of the members after he soloed. Since the “Idol Producer”, Chinese groups have only gradually been noticed, before that, there were actually many excellent boy groups, but was overshadowed by the glow of those foreign groups, it is difficult to have a big development, the most typical example is XNINE. Only time will tell. Back to top #8 Deumol Deumol. Douluo Continent (斗罗大陆) (2020) - Xiao Zhan, Wu Xianyi.

With a unique and energetic concept they were able to steal the attention of the netizens’. In truth, we may even see a combination approach where one goes solo while the other rejoins WJSN. I.O.I. first made their showcase debut. The location was also the place where I.O.I. In the end, nine members were selected to form the XNINE after a strict selection. At the end of the concert, all I.O.I. They made their debut as a seven-member group in September 2015 with their full album Do It Amazing and its title track “Somehow”. After their concert, they officially ended their promotion on January 31st as originally planned. My only wish is for Cheng Xiao to come back to WJSN. We provide you with the latest Korean news. broke up, representatives from Sohye’s agency said if Sohye will focus on her career as an actress. Moreover, as a top-ranked Xiao Jian, it’s already difficult to make a public comeback after the storm, not to mention the fact that it’s going to be a big problem in terms of timing and schedule. Through the answers which Luda gave for male fans, it seemed like as if she was rather cold towards them. But in this way, Xia Zhiguang, Zhao Lei, and Yan Xujia once again embarked on the path of a new boy group. Cosmic Girls (hangul: 우주소녀; hanja: 宇宙少女; rr: Uju Sonyeo; também conhecido como WJSN), é um grupo feminino sino-coreano formado pela Starship Entertainment em 2016. It’s all difficult to say. Since then, she has been recognized for both her singing and dancing skills. Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo stared in “The Untamed”, has directly risen to the top of the entertainment industry. shadowetienne said: Uniq isn’t disbanded officially last I checked (so unless there was a recent announcement).

Rocket girls is only for 2 years so I think somewhere in 2020 they'll disband, but yeah, I'm still super excited for the comeback. as a rookie-group who only did promotions for 10 months. Only time will tell. In truth, we may even see a combination approach where one goes solo while the other rejoins WJSN. declared dissolution, Chaeyeon was already doing promotion with DIA. In fact, in this way, there is little hope for the group to come together again. The XNINE has a lot of resources, but they have never been noticed by more people, and their development has been very difficult. Before I.O.I. WJSN or Cosmic Girls is a girl group under STARSHIP Entertainment and also collaborates with Chinese agency Yuehua Entertainment which debuted in February 2016 with the song MoMoMo. In the photo I.O.I. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the cosmicgirls community. Initially when WJSN debuted was able to steal netizens’ interest and attention, but shortly after STARSHIP Entertainment contributed three trainees to join Produce 101. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. schedule. Gee, I wonder which Starship group made their debut around that time.

In June 2016, the group released their first extended play Happy Ending with the title track “On the Road”, which entered the Gaon chart at number forty-eight, which is their highest position on the chart to date.

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