Roxy is the tomboyish Fairy of Animals. She is, Flora is the sensitive and caring Fairy of Nature. Voiced by: Raffaella Castelli (Original/Italian), Voiced by: Fabrizio Temperini (Italian), Andre Sogliuzzo (Atlas Oceanic), Voiced by: Ilaria Giorgino (Italian), Megan Cavanagh - Season 5 and Season 6, Episode 19 and. The Winx fairies train to protect the Magic Dimension from villains and fight alongside their male counterparts, the Specialists. King and Queen of Domino, and Bloom's biological parents. In a slight subversion, as a nymph, she actually controls all four elements. Bloom is the Fairy of the Dragon Flame.

by abigailclifford. One of Aisha's cousins, and twin brother of Tritannus. She is a take-charge athlete who joins the team in the final special, ". Timmy is Tecna's book-smart boyfriend.

Series created by Iginio Straffi - [7], After holding test screenings of the pilot, Straffi was unhappy with the audience's unenthusiastic reaction to the characters' outdated clothing style. They interact with the Winx and the other fairies at Magix. Voiced by: Alessio De Filippis (Italian), Voiced by: Tiziana Martello (Italian), Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld (English).

They are frequently supported by their romantic partners, known as the Specialists, who study at the neighboring Red Fountain School. [13] The fourth season introduces a seventh member, Roxy,[14] who occasionally joins the other fairies. [c][b], Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Rainbow Studios: le Winx ci aprono le porte del loro mondo", "Stars of Nickelodeon Cast of Winx Club Exclusive Interview", "Kids TV producers turn to style specialists for design innovations", "TIVÙ Iginio Straffi racconta le sue Winx ambientaliste", "Iginio Straffi: le mie Winx sono le ragazze d'oggi", "«Девочки понимают, что наши Winx — настоящие»", "Le fatine di Winx club alla conquista dell' America", "Global Hit Animated Series 'Winx Club' Comes to Nickelodeon, Starting June 27", "Winx Club 6x11 Temporada 6 Episodio 11 "Sueños Rotos" Español Latino", "Winx Club: The Power of Believix, Vol. The main characters were created and designed by Iginio Straffi, who is also known for producing Club 57. Niobe is mentioned by name for the first time in the season 5 finale. Stella uses light-based attacks and is the comic relief of the Winx team. Its attendees are known as Specialists, who serve on squads. Iginio Straffi developed the Winx Club characters for the pilot episode "Magic Bloom," which was finished in 2001.

[4][8] He hired Italian fashion designers, including some from Dolce & Gabbana[9] and Prada,[10] to give the characters a more modern appearance. [11] She was loosely based on Beyoncé[5] and was introduced in the first episode of the second season. Before discovering her magical powers, she lived on Earth as an ordinary human, unaware of her birth on the planet Domino. Top row: Tecna, Bloom, and Musa. Flora suggests: 3 Oct / 25 Oct.

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