No Alliance for Progress agency has a satisfactory explanation for this event.

Soon Earth was swarming with GIM drones and personnel. From Mars until the end of its mission the Cuthmar’s communications facilities remained saturated. This relative improvement (possibly an artifact of censorship) is tacitly recognized by most individual sapient scholars and intellectuals, but seldom acknowledged—let alone discussed—in official or academic circles. The desire of the GUI and GIM for stronger regulations and enforcement powers is stymied by a shift in Galactic opinion that favors less invasive supervision.

The Institute also ensures the separation of the hydrogen-breathing and oxygen-breathing orders of sentient life.

Human explorers contact Tymbrimi colonists. It sees, feels pain, hunger, plays, and even has emotions. Along the way they encounter a hidden planet which has been inhabited by six races which have illegally settled and dropped out of the civilization of the Five Galaxies.

It was hoped that the Terragens would become good, moderate Galactics. The G.I.M.

They were forced to rely on Terragens learning Gal-7 and other civilized languages. Also Terragen relations with: Built species, Machines, Mimites, pariah species, refugees, Galactic dissidents. Whether humanity truly evolved independently, or whether it was criminally abandoned by an unknown patron early in its uplift, is a topic of fierce debate.

Second, given the circumstances of the Human Clan there were unmistakable sign the event could be of regional importance, Humans could even be a Great Race.

The alliance position tended to emphasize the importance of guardianship for Earth and the Human Clan. David Brin reserves all rights to his creative elements of his universes. spacefaring level - since the days of the Progenitors.

To a degree this was a missionary program. However, by the conclusion of the Treaty of Luna, some influential Inheritors gave Humans and their Clan grudging respect as survivors. Humanity is therefore a rare anomaly – a species with no apparent patron race. Relations reached their nadir after the extermination of the Muduan sooner infestation. The Humans aboard made it eminently clear that Terragen unpredictability and primitive superstition made just dropping into Earth orbit unannounced particularly untenable. The diplomatic and legal chronologies are long and involved, inspiring a substantial body of analysis.

280 AxY: Earth temporarily safe thanks to Thennanin alliance, but the colonies are still in danger. Though chemical processes do occur at faster rates, Hydrogen breathers who evolve in hot environments are larger (and lighter) than their colder cousins. The conversion of the Cuthmar to a massive telecommunications center was well underway. leases—including one for the garden world, Calafia, plus the homeworld “lease” on Earth. Immediately after the entertainment, the aliens gave the Tymbrimi miniature holographic displays and showed their visitors (still in their suits) how to use the controls and change the curious little shiny squares that provided the machines with data. One would probably need to descend into the corona of stars, since the corona itself would drown out any trace signal from Plasma Beings. Meanwhile, three of the five visiting Tymbrimi took the opportunity to surreptitiously set down their heavy air tanks. By the year of contact, dozens of ships per hab-year made the passage from the vicinity of Earth and Luna to Mars. Below is a summarized Gregorian Calendar timeline for events detailed in the Uplift Universe (from GURPS Uplift): from HTYP, the free directory anyone can edit if they can prove to me that they're not a spambot, Alliance for Progress Encyclopedia, encyclopedia of the Uplift Universe,, This article was created with material imported from. Immediately it became obvious that the ship conformed to nothing in the small on-board Library, was actually using reaction drives to augment unbelievably inefficient thrusters, and showed no signs of damage.

In front of the GIT, Terragens did quite well by most standards, although there were setbacks for the Wolflings. Error 10-99 Years, Although Humans were quite friendly with the Tytlal, the Tytlal took to mercilessly pranking and teasing the poor wolfling passengers until such time as the Humans managed to indelibly tie dye every Tytlal pelt on the ship.

Many Obeyers advocated extermination of the Human species.

GURPS Uplift, and there are some

Indeed, all linguistic work had to stop as the Tymbrimi Clan-Folk admired the fireworks .

(The quadrupeds, German shepherds it turns out, also proved unidentifiable.). Speculation that Humans could be a reincarnation of the Progenitors ran rampant among Awaiters.

This work shall not impede David Brin’s ability to use and extend his stories. Along the way they encounter a hidden planet which has been inhabited by six races which have illegally settled and dropped out of the civilization of the Five Galaxies. 52 KYA: The last recorded “wolfling” race, the Paranaj, is discovered.

182 AxY: Garth colonized by Terragens under a lease agreement from the Galactic Institute for Migration. This work shall not impede David Brin’s ability to use and extend his stories. It may be much less intelligent than a human, but it is almost as sentient. DAVID BRIN's worlds of UPLIFT. Nor is haut-sentience essential for sapient survival. They exterminated most Methane-Ammonia species, and the peace treaty ended further Methane-Ammonia uplift.

However, to this day Terragens still use parochial units of measure and engineering standards for internal trade. 2 MYA: Soro uplifted by Hul. Besides, the aliens made no move to help until the Tymbrimi entered space, then alien spacewalkers guided them to a small entry hatch, down a sealed tube, to a room.

is very pleased with Terragen custodianship on all lease-hold worlds.

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