Fun for Spanish Teachers also has an article about Juguemos en el bosque with an version using a felt wolf to play indoors. See the instructions and printable versions to teach numbers and vocabulary here: Printable Spanish Game: Tripas de Gato.

Basta is a traditional category game with many names in Spanish. At times, I adapt them for my students, but many we play just as children play them across the Spanish-speaking world.

Aside from simply having fun, is there any merit to learning language and culture through games? The "spider" is confined … Find a history of the game, instructions and printable versions in the post. Juguemos en el bosque is a traditional Spanish game that teaches clothes vocabulary and other language. It is tres en raya in Spanish and is a game even young children can play.

Some are easy, based on a single word, while others are complicated with elaborate rhythms and more advanced language. A pares y nones is a traditional Spanish game often played with groups of kids in Mexico. Check out suggestions for teaching vocabulary with tres en raya and phrases for playing in Spanish at Spanish Games for Kids: Learn Vocabulary with Tic Tac Toe. ¿Quién robó el pan? Kids catch on quickly and they love it! It is similar to Black Jack. Rock Paper Scissors in Spanish is another traditional choosing rhyme you can do with language learners.

… Spanish Question Game: El Repollo. Seven and a Half is a Spanish game with Italian origins. There are many other traditional Spanish games to play with language learners. It’s very fun and can be adapted to any content.

Elementary Spanish Curriculum Reviews & Secondary Stars, 10 Spanish Hand Clapping Games for Language Learners, Spanish Choosing Rhymes For Learning Language. Check out 10 Spanish Hand Clapping Games for Language Learners for traditional games that work well in the classroom. Siete y Media:. Rayuela (Hopscotch) Students can practice numbers and counting in Spanish with this game. We’ll continue to add to this list as we play with our students. My children learned many traditional Mexican games growing up, and the more I learn about traditional Spanish games for kids, the better I understand what a tremendous resource they are for language learners. Tripas de gato is a paper and pencil game where kids create mazes. Read more about Basta Game for Spanish Vocabulary Practice and get printable game boards for language learners. El repollo is a traditional game I learned from students in Nicaragua. Wikipedia also has a collection of traditional games in Spanish to use with advanced or native speakers. The famous poet Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, 'It is a happy talent to know how to play.' This is because they all have a significant language component that makes them especially valuable to play in Spanish class. What about playing games in a different language? Veo, veo is the Spanish equivalent of I Spy, and there is a fun song and rhyme to go with the game.

Choosing rhymes are used to start games or choose between two things. I am fascinated by the traditional games children play in Mexico, Peru and Nicaragua. Created by Meks. is a fun traditional game with a chant and rhythm. In addition, traditional playground games in Spanish are active, and we know movement enhances language learning. Check out Spanish Number Game A Pares y Nones to hear the traditional song and see videos.

Powered by WordPress. Many traditional Latin American games have rhymes and songs that kids memorize and recite as they play. You make a comecocos or sacapiojos game by folding paper and adding questions. I use many traditional Spanish games in my classes.

Children call it Tutti frutti, … These 12 Traditional Games in Spanish are some of our favorites. See our favorites Spanish Jump Rope Rhymes to use with language learners. These Hispanic Heritage Month Games, on the other hand, are ones all kids can play. There are dozens of traditional hand clapping games in Spanish. You can print the traditional Mexican lotería cards here, or use versions for Spanish learners like the one in this post with Spanish body parts vocabulary or this Valentine bingo game in Spanish. Many traditional Spanish games have rhymes and songs. You can find instructions for playing the game, the song and rhyme, books and printable versions of the game here: Veo Veo Song and Activities.

Spanish Game for Small or Large Groups: ¿Quién robó pan? Toma Todo Game: La Pirinola uses a wooden top, but you can also play with spinners.

They The Council of Europe acknowledges that games and sports 'are universal elements in all cultures.' © 2020 Spanish Playground All Rights Reserved In Spanish, these rhymes are called retahilas, and children also recite them for fun. Breaking the piñata is a big part of many Spanish parties for both adults and children. Tic tac toe is a traditional paper and pencil game that children play in Latin America and throughout the world. Piedra papel y tijera is a fun brain break by itself or a good way to determine who will begin an activity. Traditional games in Spanish teach culture as well as language. Check out Spanish Choosing Rhymes For Learning Language to find a variety of choosing rhymes and a printable page to download. Lotería, or bingo in Spanish, is a traditional Mexican game that you can adapt for different vocabulary. Children call it Tutti frutti, ¡Mercadito!, Stop, Lápiz quieto, Animales con E, Alto el fuego, or Ensalada rusa, depending on the country. You’ll find versions of the traditional lotería, or bingo, and other games kids can play without speaking much Spanish.

Jumping rope and reciting rhymes is a fun way to learn language, and there are Spanish jump rope rhymes for kids of all language levels. Like quite a few traditional Spanish games, Veo, veo involves guessing and categories, so it is an excellent way to practice language skills.

Everyone walks in a circle singing and when the teacher calls out a number, the kids hurry to form groups with that number of people. The piñata is a colorful... La Araña. Whatever the name, it is great fun and an excellent traditional Spanish game to share with language learners.

You can read about the traditional way of playing, as a playground game, here: Fun Game Reinforces Spanish Clothes Vocabulary. Basta is a traditional category game with many names in Spanish. Spanish Game for Small or Large Groups: ¿Quién robó pan? It is a version of hot potato with questions on paper that you form into a ball like cabbage. The game is played by a group of children ages 5 and up.

Check out several Printable Spanish Cootie Catchers and this summer Spanish Fortune Teller for Language Learners. Basta. It is a version of tag, where one player is a wolf who chases the kids playing in the forest.

In English, we call them cootie catchers or fortune tellers. Fun Game Reinforces Spanish Clothes Vocabulary, print the traditional Mexican lotería cards, Basta Game for Spanish Vocabulary Practice, Spanish Fortune Teller for Language Learners, Spanish Games for Kids: Learn Vocabulary with Tic Tac Toe. Please share your favorite games in the comments below.

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