This can surprise (negatively) new owners or customers who have just changed their tires but will quickly improve back to a normal baseline. Contact us here. In the 85D both drive units are the same and we can sleep either unit, front or rear to best optimize efficiency.

Despite this aerodynamic challenge, highway cruising is where the unique benefit of the dual motor cars, to torque sleep one of the drive units when not in use, is most apparent. :D. Advertise with CleanTechnica to get your company in front of millions of monthly readers. SummaryWhich battery, drivetrain and tire configuration is best for you will depend on what kind of driving you enjoy most. That’s a lot of power — the large and powerful Model S is not the most efficient of EVs — but it’s far less than any fossil vehicle would burn. The variance in range is created from rolling and aerodynamic differences between them. The 21" wheel/tire upgrade yields substantially improved handling performance and vehicle dynamics. There is however roughly a 3% reduction in EPA 5-cycle range (compared to the values presented in the table above) for the selection of 21" performance tires to any of the Model S variants. A Better Routeplanner, a blog that discusses EV trip planning and ways to maximize range, has amassed an impressive database of driving data from Tesla owners (you can donate data too, by logging in to MyTesla in ABRP and checking “Share Data with ABRP”). The software update to implement torque sleep will be downloaded to the dual motor fleet by the end of January 2015 and will substantially improve the range of dual motor vehicles by roughly 10%. In addition, the newer Cyclone wheel captures much of the aerodynamic benefit of that the dedicated Aero Wheel design did over the standard, base 19" wheel. Have a tip for CleanTechnica, want to advertise, or want to suggest a guest for our CleanTech Talk podcast? At 65 mph on a flat road, the median Model S consumes about 20 kW. 139 miles. The following table shows their acceleration, and all-electric ranges, and approximate base level price in USD. Your Tesla’s actual range depends on many factors, particularly your environment and personal driving habits.

Model S 90, 90D and P90D/P90DL despite a 5 kWh larger battery (up to 6% more range according to Tesla Motors), have the same EPA range as the … Performance Tires and WheelsWith tires and wheels there are some physics tradeoffs between handling, traction and efficiency (rolling resistance and aerodynamic drag.) The best way to see a more complete picture of this is actually in a graph of what range is possible versus driving speed. It is far superior to the slow and awkward engine startup on stop-start hybrid vehicles. A more recent post addressed the question of how the range is affected by outside temperatures.

For instance, the 19" Cyclone wheel gives roughly 2% more range than the 19" standard wheel at 65mph.

Published specs are all very well, but it’s always valuable to be able to compare these to real-world data from vehicles that are actually on the road around the world, and that’s what ABRP has set out to do. The most important example of this secondary configuration is the wheel and tire selection. ABRP found that “while it is unclear exactly what the source of higher consumption at lower temperatures is … it is very clear that on average, lower temperatures lead to significantly higher power consumption and therefore also less range.”. It’s natural for this to fluctuate due to the nature of battery technology and how the onboard computer calculates range. For customers who care about handling and performance driving this is a tradeoff that we think is well worth it. 402 mi Go anywhere with up to 402 miles of range on a … Data guru Bo has crunched the numbers to generate some interesting charts that correlate range with speed and temperature. ABRP has now collected data all through the (northern hemisphere) winter and the beginning of the summer, so there’s enough data to compare the energy consumption of the Model S and Model X in different temperature ranges (Model 3 owners have not provided enough data yet).

60 kWh (60 RWD) 208 miles. In general we are working to simplify the complexity of options available and eliminate those where we see fewer than 1/20 people choosing an option. The 21" performance tires are a more commonly selected option on our performance variants (P85, P85D and formerly P85+) since many of these performance-oriented customers want the best possible handling. At one time, there were 9 versions of Tesla Model S available in the USA: Over time, Tesla keeps changing and tweaking their models and offers. A look at Tesla Model S power consumption vs. speed (Source: A Better Routeplanner) A more recent post addressed the question of how the range is affected by outside temperatures.

Sign up for our free daily newsletter or weekly newsletter to never miss a story. As an example calculation, if a standard Model S 85 with 19" tires having 265 miles of range is changed to 21" tires the range would be reduced by ~3% to about 257 miles. It continues spinning while asleep and the digital torque wake up is so fast that the driver can’t perceive it. There are also many customer vehicle configuration choices, both before and after purchase, that can affect range as much as or more than the vehicle platform choice itself.

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