Julio Medem's "Room in Rome" is a serviceable romantic drama whose weakest elements almost completely cancel out its strongest. Letterboxd's most controversial films, ranked by the variance in their ratings. work in progress. it's disgusting to see all those reviews of men sexualizing the relationship between women. Enjoy!!!

The entire action takes place in that single room and the entire story is driven by the acting and dialogue of the two leads. They walk away from each other after holding hands for one last time - and right when you'd expect the credits to roll, Natasha calls out to Alba and runs across the screen in her direction. Looking for a room in Rome from November onwards! He liked the acting, though said director Julio Modem was more interested in his ideas than the people. This page was last changed on 13 February 2018, at 06:55. Following two women who come together for a period of emotional and physical exploration, the film's balance of high … : Meeting Queer Folks In Dark Rooms. SEX AND LUCIA is a stirring love story that dazzles with its labyrinthine plot, breathtaking cinematography and erotic passion.

Directed by Julio Medem. Elena Anaya is right up my alley, it's just a shame that Natasha Yarovenko cannot act to save her life. Opening the Vault: A Chronological History of Queer Interest & LGBTQ+ Cinema, The Most Controversial Films on Letterboxd, I’m in my room alone bored and I will be making a list of every movie that comes to my mind until I get bored with that, (almost) every title from worldscinema.org, Out Of The Closets And Into The Cinemas! Natasha at first refuses, and says she is straight. Then, they decide to leave and return to their lives in Russia and Spain. This movie was shot around Rome and Madrid.It was released in April 2010. * *Nobody cares if you don't think…. Approx Running Time : 109 Minutes Synopsis: Two women spend a night of passion, conversation, and illumination in a hotel room in Rome.

She is also a professional tennis player on vacation. ETA: This list is getting long so I moved sections…. IMDb http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Film/RoomInRome. Two women who have the hots for each other, go get a room, in Rome. They get undressed once again and into bed. assuming her identity in her stories, including the more, Alba and Natasha talk about separating from their partners and leaving their previous lives so they can stay together in Rome; in the moment's enthusiasm Alba mentions how she wants to see Natasha run, and Natasha promises she will. Julio Medem's "Room in Rome" is a serviceable romantic drama whose weakest elements almost completely cancel out its strongest. It stars Elena Anaya and Natasha Yarovenko.

Natasha and Alba have sex for the first time. Lies, truths, stories manufactured to invent a certain persona, the audience, like each woman, may never become acquainted with the reality behind each character but each cuts a compelling figure.

Alba, a 30-something Spanish tourist in Rome, brings a younger Russian woman named Natasha to her hotel room. Alba, a 30-something Spanish tourist in Rome, brings a younger Russian woman named Natasha to her hotel room. These sisters got endurance! Tapi rasanya gagal, sebab jalan ceritanya yang entah gimana gitu, dua tokoh utama yang gimana ceritanya mereka bisa ketemu, terus tinggal bersama dihotel. During the course of the action each character takes on many different names. Natasha, though, gets more defensive. However, Alba keeps wanting to have sex with Natasha. Exploitation. It comes out that for both this is the first time they've been unfaithful. Replicated film poster designs. Room in Rome. Alba tells Natasha that she is falling in love with her. – Summary – Director : Julio Medem Year Of Release : 2010 Principal Cast : Elena Anaya, Natasha Yarovenko, Enrico lo Verso. But eventually, the two women tell each other the truth. Alba suggests they lay side by side and only casually touch each other's faces. Dua cewek dari dua negara beda, yang satu Spanyol dan satu Rusia. Natasha returns to the hotel room and asks for her cell phone. However, Alba grabs Natasha and takes her back into the room.

TMDb Eventually, however, Natasha can't bring herself to leave everything behind, so they agree to keep the secret and go their separate ways. They go their separate ways however at the end though... before turning back and reuniting, possibly for something long term. [2], From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, https://simple.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Room_in_Rome&oldid=5987355, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. They do that until Alba becomes so relaxed she falls asleep. Sebenarnya film ini ingin kelihatan nyeni bisa dilihat dari beberapa pergerakan kameranya yang dibuat sebisa mungkin agar terlihat megah, juga memperlihatkan lukisan2 seni ala erofa zaman dulu, dan musiknya juga ala2 khas Spanyol. Natasha and Alba get undressed and into bed, though Natasha is still nervous. 2010 103 minutes. Jonathan Holland gave a mixed review. some films are not on tmdb, some may have been mismatched or simply not found when importing into…, NeverTooEarlyMP 4,407 films 1,671 66 Edit, A collection of queer characters, representations, and sensibilities on film. One, Natasha (Natasha Yarovenko) is Russian, the other, Alba (Elena Anaya), is Spanish, and they are both soon to be leaving for their respective countries the following morning. A (never-ending?) This movie looks at seduction and lesbian romances.

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