You’re relaxing on the backyard deck when suddenly they find you.

[9] Thus Genesis and modern physics are reconciled. Generally, it is viewed by proponents as a middle ground between literal creationism and evolution. None of the religious or faith-based beliefs in creationism are falsifiable and therefore none can be regarded as a scientific statement about reality. In this view creation occurred in rapid bursts in which all "kinds" of plants and animals appear in stages lasting millions of years. Typically, although Progressive Creationists believe in an old earth, they are unable to bring themselves to accept the evidence for evolution by Natural selection. Mosquitoes!

": "the Bible speaks of time from the viewpoint of the universe as a whole, which Schroeder interprets to mean at the moment of 'quark confinement,' when stable matter formed from energy early in the first second of the big bang. Unlike Young Earth Creationists, however, Old Earth Creationists accept the scientific evidence for the age of the earth and the universe.

[16] Old Earth creationists generally believe that the human race was localised around the Middle East at the time of the Genesis flood,[17] a position which is in conflict with the Out of Africa theory. There is zero real evidence in support of any of the ID variants. Acts & Facts. As with all forms of creationism , OEC usually claims that the earth and the universe were created by the God of the Abrahamic religions ( Christianity , Judaism and Islam ). What is the importance of biblical creationism.

Old Earth creationism (OEC) is a form of creationism that accepts the existence of deep time, and may accept scientific evidence about the age of the Earth.As with all forms of creationism, it maintains that the earth and the universe were created by a god, usually the Abrahamic God (Christianity, Judaism and Islam).. OECs reinterpret biblical descriptions of the two differing creation stories in the … Beliefs in a biblical flood tend to vary amongst OEC's. By accepting the geological ages, such creationists are accepting billions of years of suffering and death in God's creation even before sin entered the world--not only man's sin, but even Satan's sin. The latter have to attribute all these massive waves of extinction to God. After the supposed "gap" most believers add beliefs about Young Earth Creationism.

Some old Earth creationists reject flood geology,[13][14] a position which leaves them open to accusations that they thereby reject the infallibility of scripture (which states that the Genesis flood covered the whole of the earth).

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