Predictably, given Mussina was at least an above-average starter for close to two decades, he boasts some impressive all-time ranks. All Rights Reserved.

Consider some of Mussina's accomplishments along the way.

What’d he be, 55?”. Over that span, he won 270 games and pitched to an ERA+ of 123. Simply put, Mussina, when it comes to overall career value, is well clear of any sensible cutoff for Hall worthiness. It hardly ever happens that way on long-term deals for pitchers. "I'm honestly honored, surprised a little bit," Mussina said. He's 30th in strikeouts as a percentage of batters faced. We bring sports news that matters to your inbox, to help you stay informed and get a winning edge. Mussina is also one of just 70 pitchers to work at least 3,500 career innings. Mussina elected to HOF in sixth year on ballot, Moose's highlights on path to Cooperstown. More HOF: One-and dones | Kendall | Griffey | Hoffman | Edmonds | Wagner | Trammell | Smith | Garciaparra | McGwire | Sosa | Clemens | Bonds | Schilling | Martinez. If you're tuning in late, we've already poked at the candidates who will be removed from the ballot after one season.

Small-Hall voters might object, but Mussina will get in eventually -- just not this year. We're using the interim period to examine each of the 34 candidates on the BBWAA ballot. That number has since increased with each successive year, to 24.6 percent in 2015, then to 43 percent in 2016. From there, steady and sprawling excellence followed.

After graduating from Stanford with a degree in economics in 3½ years, Mussina always carried himself in a way that is seldom seen on a pro sports team — with no apparent fear of what the game could do to him or take from him. On Tuesday, Mike Mussina completed that march toward immortality. Through it all, Mussina was never the glamour guy -- he pitched in the time and against the primes of Martinez, Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson and three Hall of Famers from the Braves: Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and John Smoltz.Again: He did all this as baseball was playing itself right into Sen. George Mitchell's famous (or infamous) report on performance-enhancing drugs, when 50 home runs in a season became more and more commonplace, and Sammy Sosa hit 60 three times, Mark McGwire launched 70 and Barry Bonds eventually hit 73.Here's what Showalter said to me a year ago, another year when Mussina didn't make the Hall of Fame:"Somehow, he was able to manipulate not just the ball, but the strike zone, too. A model of consistency during his 18-year career, Mussina …

“It’s pretty scary.”. As things are, though, he's still plainly deserving of election, as he stands as one of the 20 or 30 best pitchers in baseball history. I’ve just always been able to get hitters out.”. On Tuesday, Mike Mussina completed that march toward immortality. Why Mussina deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. “I’d like to win 230,” he added, at a moment when he had 22. That’s the team in Cooperstown, the one that never plays a game but, for generations, stays on every fan’s schedule for visits and fond memories. Last year, he came as close as he has yet come to Cooperstown with around 63 percent of the vote.

COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. — Mike Mussina didn’t mind the wait. CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. is a registered trademark of CBS Interactive Inc. site: media | arena: mlb | pageType: stories | Pitchers will understand what I'm saying: Mike would create his own zone. Mussina, now 47, pitched 18 seasons for the Orioles and Yankees. Because Mussina was so elegant, restrained and consistent and never won 20 games until so late, it’s easy to think of his great career as a fluid continuum without a flaw, but also without a glove-heaving, World Series-winning moment. And if he did, briefly, then ignore it, correct it and just continue succeeding. Now she plays varsity basketball. But if you're keeping score at home, Johnson's lifetime ERA was 3.29. The Surhoffs had a child they believed could get better medical care at Johns Hopkins than anywhere else, and B.J. Former pitcher Rick Sutcliffe once said of him: “He is the whole package.” Mussina could maintain that whole-package shield for years.

Mussina flashed a full arsenal of pitches, including a plus fastball and vaunted knuckle-curve, and he used all his offerings with exceptional command and control. Then he would dismiss that uncontrollable factor and focus completely on what he intended to do. Okay, fine; not every newsletter writer is Helena Fitzgerald -- that doesn't mean everyone else is worthless. A model of consistency during his 18-year career, Mussina appeared on 326 of 425 ballots. . He started 536 games over parts of 18 seasons, compiling more than 3,560 innings. Ever. There's also Mussina's excellence in the postseason, which isn't captured by those career bestowals. Mussina first hit the BBWAA ballot in 2014 and garnered just 20.3 percent support. HOF Class of '19 Plaque logo Mussina enjoyed bumps to 51.8 percent in 2017 and 63.5 percent in 2018. "Do I compare to some guys who are in? Mike Mussina won with elegance and consistency. "We got a little time to figure out what the best plan is," Mussina said. His election puts a bow on a career Mussina essentially split between Baltimore and New York, winning 270 games, posting a 3.68 ERA and earning five All-Star selections.• Complete Hall of Fame coverageMussina will be enshrined alongside his former teammate in New York, Mariano Rivera -- who, in his first year of eligibility, became the first player ever to be selected unanimously -- as well as Mariners DH Edgar Martinez (85.4 percent), late Phillies and Blue Jays ace Roy Halladay (85.4 percent), and Today's Game Era Committee selections Lee Smith and Harold Baines. Mike Mussina, who retired from baseball 10 years ago, is once again a candidate for election to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. The next year, he was a Yankee.

Mussina served as the ace for playoff-bound teams in Baltimore in 1996 and 1997, and his playoff ERA shrunk to 2.53 in six starts for the O's.

You’ve made it to the top now, Moose! Probably not. I swear, I'd watch him sometimes and think he was like a conductor out there -- just with earplugs in, impervious to whatever noise was going on around him. Mike Mussina's Hall of Fame case R.J. Anderson 3 min read Dodgers, Astros, Braves advance

“He puts it right here, here, here, time after time,” said Bosman, his hand six inches above the waist, where hitters seldom lay off, and at 90 mph, where they don’t swing and miss much, either. Mussina would talk about that great demon facing all pitchers — the disastrous injury, what he always just called “the knife” — and the complete inability to predict what came after those cuts. After the Orioles drafted him out of Stanford with the 20th-overall pick in 1990, he made just 28 starts in the minors before reaching the majors for good. Eventually, you are asked, as a voter, to make that determination about pitchers and hitters or even a genius of a fielder like Omar Vizquel.Mussina, in both Baltimore and New York, pitched his prime in a meat grinder called the American League East. Few players talked more openly to me, when they chose, than Mussina. That number crept upward to 24.6 percent in 2015. 6-keys: media/spln/mlb/reg/free/stories, at "• Power move on mound is memorableBecause of the symmetry of his production, which cap Mussina's plaque will be adorned with remains an open question. Mussina flirts with perfection, throwing first of four career one-hitters Mike Mussina came close to perfection early on his career, when he one-hit the Rangers on July 17, 1992.
“I’m out of here.”.

He had that kind of feeling for throwing a baseball.". Then he signed a six-year, $89 million contract with the Yankees, which was very big money for a starter at the time. .

He’s a well-deserved Hall of Famer. This year, he finally ought to make it, and breezingly, because he fits every possible definition of a Hall of Fame pitcher and is one of the great baseball pitchers of all time.We hear that a lot at this time of year, when boxes are being checked on ballots before they're sent off to Cooperstown. Mussina's candidacy for the Hall of Fame was the subject of debate. Mussina was joined by relievers Mariano Rivera and Lee Smith and designated hitters Edgar Martinez and Harold Baines.

6-keys: media/spln/mlb/reg/free/stories, at Because he stayed at 270 wins, it may be underappreciated that Mussina won 117 more games than he lost.

Absolutely. Both organizations were tremendously valuable and important in my career. He finished second to Pedro Martinez in 1999, when Martinez was 23-4 with a 2.07 ERA and had 313 strikeouts in 213 1/3 innings.

Mike Mussina, the right-handed pitcher who anchored the Orioles rotation in the 1990s and remains the last homegrown ace the franchise developed, will … Mussina's pinnacle came in an era in which, as Buck Showalter has always told me, "no one knew who was taking what," and the offensive numbers put a stain on the record books that will last forever. Command — of all of his pitches, his icy demeanor, his between-starts self-discipline and his elite baseball intelligence — always defined Mussina. He'd go 123-72 with a 3.88 ERA across eight years in pinstripes. This isn't his last year on the ballot, but it should be his last time on the ballot, because of the way he pitched, for as long as he did, in the time he did. For one of the most accomplished pitchers of his generation, the climb to Cooperstown was methodical. Against the best of the best and when the stakes were the highest, Mussina was at his best. Joe Trezza covers the Orioles for But his shining postseason moment may have been for the Yankees, when Mussina tossed three innings of scoreless relief to keep New York in Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS. But I’m not going to risk being a .500 pitcher, even at $10 million plus a year, just to make sure I get there. He punctuated his career by becoming a 20-game winner for the first time, in 2008, at age 39.

Hall of Fame: Inducted as Player in 2019. Many point to markers like ERA+, WHIP, Fielding Independent Pitching and Wins Above Replacement as truer indicators of the value Mussina provided during the hitter-happy era in which he played. "It's been a steady climb and I appreciate people staying with me, doing the research and feeling that I'm worthy of this honor.". He spent a decade with the Orioles, going 147-81 with a 3.53 ERA and finishing at least fifth in Cy Young Award voting five times. He was a top-of-the-rotation guy then and was a top-of-the-rotation guy when he chose to walk away.

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