Memories of Michael from fellow musician, Xavier. Consider You Only Live Twice: epic and out-of-this-world (often quite literally), but a far cry from Dr. No’s more grounded approach. Some extracts from the interview appear below. Moonraker was another case of Bond getting too big for his britches. Bond, unarmed and severely outnumbered, makes use of his wits as he skis through trees, down an Olympic jump ramp, and even through a bobsled course. Movie lover & Los Angeles-based writer, currently studying Film Criticism & Media Theory at CSU Northridge.

Posts about Michael Gothard written by Lloyd Marken. Menace was a series of twenty-three thrillers, each lasting 75 minutes, broadcast on Tuesday evenings. 1 The house also had a basement room/space. Could this possibly be Roger Moore’s best Bond film? Michael Gothard was a family friend, whom Sean first met in London in June 1981, just after ‘For Your Eyes Only’ (in which Michael appeared as assassin Emile Locque) came out. Michael admits that he doesn’t feel happy in large groups, preferring to be with just a few people he knows.

He has no rigid idea of what he wants in a woman and says he’s a traditionalist, he likes women to be feminine – not carbon copies of men.
Michael lived on the ground floor (the flat next to entrance door) and she lived on the first floor. Sign up to get our cinematic goodness delivered to your inbox every weekend.

It’s a lovely character moment, to be sure, but the intention behind this is far more insidious: it’s to serve as a reminder that Blofeld is back, and he’s out for Bond’s blood! They found their basis in the aspects, perceptions and representations of menace in various settings in and around the villages, townships and cities of the United Kingdom. Whether or not Michael Gothard and Don Levy kept in touch, Levy clearly continued to follow Gothard’s career. Kristatos is also coaching his niece, Bibi Dahl (Lynn-Holly Johnson), to be the next Olympic gold medalist in ice skating. Movie lover & Los Angeles-based writer, currently studying Film Criticism…. Few get to be as proactive as she does, and her quest to avenge her family yields some fantastically cathartic results. “You see, my work is an extrovert thing, performing publicly – but I approach it in an introvert manner. Bond’s mission brings him to Cortina, whereupon he meets and accompanies Aris Kristatos (Julian Glover), a Greek smuggler who identifies fellow smuggler and rival Milos Columbo (Topol) as the man who hired Locque to kill the Havelocks. A seasoned Bond editor, much like Peter Hunt before him, that experience shows in Glen’s work, knowing how to cut the action and keep things moving along for the sake of efficiency. This is Michael Gothard's Spotlight page - his entry in the reference book sent out to anyone wanting actors to cast. My Campy Slumber Party: Xanadu, Muses, and Disco, Oh My! He didn’t feel he was much of a success as a model. Bibi offers a few sequences of discomfort in the film, as the much-too-young skater tries to seduce Bond at one point. Matt Spaiser is a graphic designer located in New York. At a fan meeting in August 2010, Oliver Tobias spoke about the filming of “Arthur of the Britons.”.

“Women are more advanced, more profound than men. All Rights Reserved. ), Melina makes a case for being one of the best Bond Girls in the series. Gothard is no stranger to cinematic evil – during his career he's played a vampire (in Scream and Scream Again), helped to burn Oliver Reed alive in The Devils and stabbed Simon Ward to death in The Four Musketeers. The only real downside to Melina is Bouquet’s age difference with Moore. Bond gets older, they stay yada yada yada and all that. It exists as a strong, unassuming entry without any outlandish elements that demonstrate Moore at his most Fleming-esque.

This is an account of the visit to Woodchester National Trust Park, where the early episodes of “Arthur of the Britons” were filmed in Summer 1972.

“In order to survive,” he says, “you must compromise. They found their basis in the aspects, perceptions and representations of menace in various settings in and around the villages, townships and cities of the United Kingdom. For Your Eyes Only: filming the car chase through the tunnels, For Your Eyes Only: interview with Michael Gothard, Speculation: Michael Gothard and Don Levy: Herostratus and afterwards, Arthur of the Britons: memories from Michael Gothard, Michael Gothard and the Curse of Curtis Harrington, David Del Valle: Dreaming Dreams no Mortal Ever Dared to Dreamed Before, The Devils: memories from Michael Gothard, 1 December 1970: Menace: Season 1, Episode 10: Nine Bean Rows, March 1969: Interview with Don Levy, in "Cinema. “Scream and Scream Again” was Michael’s first foray into the horror genre, as the vampire, Keith.

", Arthur of the Britons: memories from the daughter of one of Michael's close friends, Arthur of the Britons, series 2, episode 9: Daughter of the King: screencaps. Blessed with a slight perma-scowl and octagonal eyeglasses, Locque is ruthless and efficient but does allow some glimmers of a personality to shine through (note Bond’s escape from the villain compound early on – Locque waves down a guard to prevent him from gunning down Bond just so he can see for himself how skilled Bond is).

As played by the amazingly charismatic Topol, Columbo is nothing short of wonderful and makes for the best possible successor to Ali Kerim Bey. Here is what she told me: This is the photo used in Michael's 1976 - 77 Spotlight entry. Michael Gothard was born in London in 1939. “I think women are more civilised than men. This interview appeared in ‘X’-Films Vol.3 No 1. We do not yet know when Michael's parents split up, but we do know that the marriage had been dissolved by 1961, when his mother re-married. The last episode of "Arthur of the Britons" was first broadcast 28 November 1973. This is the photo used in Michael's 1976 - 77 Spotlight entry. Michael Gothard Tribute Site. Memories of Michael from fellow musician, Xavier. Once again, the Villain falls victim to providing an elaborate death for Bond (seriously, why not shoot him? Part of what I also admire about For Your Eyes Only is its anonymity. If it were to end up in the wrong hands, it could countermand British orders, or even command British subs to fire on their own cities. Hence, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service served a dual purpose to introduce a new Bond and enact a course correction. Rhymes with “tequila.”. There are no supernatural elements, no henchmen with steel teeth, villains with gilded weapons, and there’s not a space station in sight. With the added value of some of the best action setpieces in the entire series, this truly is Roger Moore’s best Bond film. In 1981, American Cinematographer interviewed Arthur Wooster, Second Unit Director, and Director of Photography on ‘For Your Eyes Only.’ He told them about the second unit work, including how the stuntmen worked with Michael Gothard for the car chase in the tunnel. “About a year and a half passed between my first important film part in Herostratus and my next big break – Out of the Unknown – a television series. I didn't see it as a big deal until I visited the set with my father, in 1972, when I was 15.

A.S., the daughter of one of Michael’s close friends, confirms that both roles were supposed to have been on the cards for Michael. He’s head and shoulders above the true villain of the film, who we’ll get to in a bit. Jan. 1st, 1987 03:12 pm. After the withdrawal of Rome. But I gotta hand it to the stuntwork involved: the practical helicopter work with Bond/Bond’s double hanging onto the side of it are incredible. 7 – 2000-Present: Life After the Handover, The History of Hong Kong Action Cinema Pt. In the poster shown below, Michael Gothard's Kai has been depicted looking very much like Hansen in "The Last Valley", not clean-shaven as he actually appeared in "Arthur of the Britons."

This is the photo used in Michael's 1980 - 82 Spotlight entry. But first, this scene (shot later in the year) shows a cosy winter's day in the longhouse, where they are trapped by the weather. What do you think? As a result, the series brings us For Your Eyes Only, originally promised to us at the end of The Spy Who Loved Me. This is the photo used in Michael's 1978 - 9 Spotlight entry. Interviewed by Clare Spark, in February 1973, Don Levy stated: You may recognise him as a screen and television star.

The ensuing raid on Kristato’s smuggling ship and heroin supply offer some mid-movie action delight, featuring exploding barrels and lots of gunned down enemies (the camaraderie between Columbo and his men is a lot of fun to watch). 6 – 1980-2000: Handover & Second Wave, The History of Hong Kong Action Pt.
Michael Gothard screen-tested for the role, but after meeting Peter Firth, director Tobe Hooper decided to give Firth the role, and gave Michael the role of Dr. Bukovsky instead.

This is the photo used in Michael's 1982 - 3 Spotlight entry. Played by Michael Gothard, Loque is the film's equivalent of such past villainous henchmen as Red Grant in From Russia With Love and Mr. Wint in Diamonds Are Forever. There have been brief allusions to Bond’s marriage with Tracy in previous films – namely in Diamonds Are Forever and The Spy Who Loved Me – but For Your Eyes Only is the first to make that connection explicit, as it opens with Bond laying flowers on her grave. Michael had an accident with his … All points come to a head in St. Cyril’s, an abandoned mountaintop monastery in Greece (and a prime location for a Bond finale).

Much like Hans from You Only Live Twice, Kriegler is another clone of Red Grant: tough, dangerous, Aryan. Word has it Moore balked at doing this, and I’m glad he did not get his way. Thankfully, he rebuffs her advances and Moore delivers the funniest line in all of his tenures: “Yes, well…you get on your clothes, and I’ll buy you an ice cream.”. Ian Fleming would be proud. “You can’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Backed by an aquatic motif that reverberates through the film, Easton joins the silhouetted women to sing another loving ode to Bond. This is Michael Gothard's Spotlight page - his entry in the reference book sent out to anyone wanting actors to cast. Coming up next: It’s Battle of the Bonds, part 1! You may recognise him as a screen and television star.

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