The word Laaiba literally means "Player" or "Playful" which if named for a Hoor of Jannah would be befitting.

Laiqa name meaning in Urdu. لَعْبَة (Laʿbah) – this has a similar meaning to the first. More info, Laibah Name Meaning of Laaibah is the prettiest women in all the jannats (heavens). The meaning of Laiba in Urdu Language and written like 'لائبہ'. Laiba name origin is Arabic. More info, Lailaa Name Meaning of Name of a Sahabiyyah.. Lailaa name meaning in Urdu. ورواه ابن عساكر في تاريخه (٥٦/٤٢٢) من طريق أبي طاهر المخلص۔, قال الجوهري في الصحاح (١/٢١٩): واللعبة بالضم: لعبة الشطرنج والنرد. I have heard in some speeches about Laiba (Laaiba) and the al-Ḥūr al-ʿĪn. Laiba Name Meaning of Angel of heaven. What is the religion of the name Laiba? Laithah name used for Girl. Laiba is a very unique name. Laima lucky number is What is the source for this and what does Laiba mean? وكذا في لسان العرب (١/٧٤٥)۔, Approved by: Mufti Shabbir Ahmad and Mufti Muhammad Tahir. Reproduction without proper consent is not allowed. Laiba meaning in Islam. Lailat name origin is Arabic. Allah's 99 Names, Beloved Born At Night Sweetheart famous beauty in leyla & majnun, Worthy, deserving, elegant, capable, decent, Intelligent, smile, Qualified, Competent, (Laiba pronunciation in different languages). Laila name meaning in Urdu.

According to numerology, uranus is the ruling planet for Laiba. More info, Laila Name Meaning of (Empress of the) Night; Dark (complexion); Beloved. . Laibah name used for Girl. Laiba name meaning in Urdu – The name Laiba is associated with the Arabic language which refers to a pretty woman from heaven. Q.

iron is the lucky metal for Laiba. Laima name origin is Urdu,Hebrew. The name Laiba . More info, Lailat Name Meaning of “nights”, it is the plural of Lailah (“night”). Lucky colors for Laiba are Blue, Violet, Black and Laiba name is famous in our names dictionary, and has been searched 63533 times, which is Sixty-three thousand five hundred thirty-three times. Laiba is a very beautiful name. ومعنى اللاعبة ظاهر، من اللعب. Laiba name meanings is Angel of heaven. Laila lucky number is 4. Laiba lucky number is 6. What is the meaning of Laiba ? More info, Laima Name Meaning of Luck or lucky. قال الذهبي في السير (١٦/٣٢٣) في ترجمته: وتروج عليه الأحاديث الموضوعة، انتهى.

Laithaa name origin is Arabic. Laiba is a Girl name, meaning Female Of The Haven in hindu origin. The lucky number for Laiba is 'Laiba lucky number is 6'. Laima name used for Girl. 9.

ونحوه في لسان العرب (١/٧٤١). وأثر ابن مسعود هذا نقله ابن القيم في حادي الأرواح (ص ٢٣٥)، والظاهر أن مرجعه هو ابن أبي الدنيا۔, وقال الفقيه أبو الليث السمرقندي في تنبيه الغافلين (ص ٧٧): وعن ابن عباس رضي الله عنهما أنه قال: إن في الجنة حوراء يقال لها لعبة، خلقت من أربعة أشياء من المسك والعنبر والكافور والزعفران، وعجن طينها بماء الحيوان، فقال لها العزيز: كوني فكانت، وجميع الحور عشاق لها، ولو بزقت في البحر بزقة تعذب ماء البحر، مكتوب على نحرها: من أحب أن يكون له مثلي فليعمل بطاعة ربي، انتهى. The ruling hours for Laiba are 3am To 5am while lucky days have been friday, saturday. Laiba is a Muslim Girl Name. Its Pronunciation is pLAY + pLay + sEE. Laaibah Is The Prettiest Women In All The Jannats (heavens). The lucky number associated with the name Laiba is "2". Adan - … We provide breaking news, Pakistani news, International news, Business news, Sports news, Urdu news and Live Urdu News. More info, Lail Name Meaning of Night.. Lail name meaning in Urdu.

Lovely-eyed, Splendid companion of Paradise, With modest gaze ( Khoobsorat ankhen ), Attractive, Sensitive, Artistic ( purkasish, nazuk ). Laiba name meaning in english are Laaibah Is The Prettiest Women In All The Jannats (heavens). A Prophet'S Name, Father of Multitude, Hazrat Ibraheem(AS), Bazurgi wala, He/she intercedes (on the day of Judgment) on behalf of someone ( Qiyamat ky din shifat kernay wali ), Peace, Forgive Difficulty ( aman, sakon ), One who pours water ( Pani ki tarha taiz bahna ), Any large item of clothing that covers the entire body, such as a garment, robe, or abaya ( burkha, abaya, hijab ).

More info, Laithaa Name Meaning of “brave”. Lailat name meaning in Urdu. Its most attractive baby name & pronunciation is also simple .The meaning of Laiba is 'Angel of heaven.' لم يذكر الفقيه سنده، ولا يعتمد على مجرد نقله. More info, Laiha Name Meaning of Glittering.. Laiha name meaning in Urdu. blue, violet, black is the lucky colours for this name. Imam Ibn Abī al-Dunyā (d. 281/894) transmits a narration from ʿAbdullāh ibn Masʿūd (d. 32/653) that he said, “Indeed, there is a ḥūr (hoor, an extremely fair-complexioned woman) in Jannah who is known as لعبة, all the ḥūrs of the Paradises are amazed at her, they place their hands on her shoulders and say, ‘Bliss for you O لعبة, if the seekers knew what (beauty) belongs you, they would strive.’ It is written in between her eyes: Whoever wishes to have someone like me, should act in accordance with the pleasure of my Lord, The Mighty and the Majestic.” There are two narrators in the chain of this transmission whose credentials are unknown to us. People believes to have their Lucky Days according to their names, Friday, Saturday are Favourable and Lucky Days for name Laiba and lucky metals are Iron for Laiba name holders.

2 is the lucky number for Laiba and favorable numbers are 1, 3, 7, 8, 9, 13, 17. All rights of the publication are reserved by Question. Lailaa name used for Girl.

Home: ... the cloth on which you eat in Heaven, The suraah Mayeda in the Quran. What does Laiba name mean? Laiba Name Meaning. . More info, Laily Name Meaning of “nightly”, “like the night”, “belonging to the night”.

However, for a Muslimah, although a baby now will not remain a baby and could have an effect on the personality of a person as mentioned in Ahadeeth where Nabi (saw) changed the name of Sahaaba's during his lifetime. Your Online Guide to Islamic Muslim Names. والراوي عنه العلاء بن عبيد الله لم أقف على ترجمة له، وذكره المزي (٦/٣٣٦) من مشايخ الحسن بن كثير العنبري. In English, Laiba name meaning is "laaibah is the prettiest women in all the jannats (heavens).

Hoor is another Arabic word meaning the fair maidens of the heaven above "Hi whats your name " This noble name means a princess or a commander. The name is originated from . All the ḥūrs adore her, if she were to spit in the ocean once, the ocean’s water would sweeten, it is written on her neck: Whoever wants to have someone like me, should act in in obedience to my Lord.” However, Faqīh Abū al-Layth has not mentioned the chain or source of this narration.

All right reserved. Names have an impact on a person and therefore appropriate names should be chosen. Laiba name used for Girl. The lucky number which deeply resonates with Laiba is 2 … Laiba name meaning in Urdu is “jannat ki hussun tareen khatoon”. Q. Laiba meaning in Islam.

More info, Laiqa Name Meaning of deserving, Suitable, Elegant. Laiba is in top trending baby Girl names list. The lucky number associated with the name Laiba is "2". Choose your baby names from the most beautiful 99 names of Allah (الله). Idtibaa (uncovering right shoulder) in all or 4 rounds of Tawaf, Mawlana Abdul Qayyum Budhanawi or Burhanawi. Finally, this terms لعبة can be pronounced linguistically in three ways. لُعَبَة (Luʿabah) – this means she is very playful.

Laiba is written in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Bangla as لائبہ, लैब, لعبة,لائبہ, লায়বা. لو يعلم الطالبون لك لجدوا، بين عينيها مكتوب: من كان يبتغي أن يكون له مثلي فليعمل برضاء ربي عز وجل، انتهى. There is no doubt that in Jannah there will be beautiful gorgeous ḥūrs as mentioned in the Quran and authentic narrations. Laithaa name meaning in Urdu.

What does Laiba name mean? Laiba Name Meaning is laaibah is the prettiest women in all the jannats (heavens). Nicknames for Laiba Meanings and history of the name Laiba.

This is unlikely although possible. Is it suitable for a baby girl’s name… Laily name used for Girl. Laiba is in top trending baby Girl names list. 6. Laithaa name used for Girl. Laiba Origin / Usage is ' Arabic Baby Names ' . Laiba has a very pretty face, and very beautiful and very smart too! What is the religion of the name Laiba? Laiba name meaning in Urdu is "لائبہ جنت میں سب سے خوبصورت عورت ہے". Lailat name used for Girl. Find Meanings for Islamic Name Laiba.

There are almost 201 baby Girl names which start with alphabet L in our names section.

Not recommended. Its Pronunciation is pLAY + THing OR Sit + rUn.

For the name Laiba, the lucky color is Blue, Violet, Black. أما اللائبة فمعناها عطشى، قال في الصحاح (١/٢٢١): لاب يلوب لوبا ولوبانا ولوابا، أي عطش، فهو لائب والجمع لؤوب، مثل شاهد وشهود، انتهى. she will be in jannat al firdous.. Laiba is a Muslim Girl name and has origin. Ḥāfiẓ Ibn al-Qayyim (d. 751/1350) has also cited this narration in one of his works without mentioning the source, it appears that his source is Imam Ibn Abī al-Dunyā. People who keep this name usually pronounce it as لَائِبَة (Lāʾibah) which means thirsty, as mentioned above. It should be noted that, if the aforementioned ḥadīth is authentic, the correct word would be لعبة not لاعبة. Laiba is an uncommon name and is very fun to say. Its Pronunciation is LAY + LAnd. This name is especially approved for 'Girls' Gender. What is the source for this and what does Laiba mean? What is the Lucky Number of Laiba?

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