I outline both of these issues closely below. Others have boasted that “hospitality” is the venue’s primary theme. July 23, 2020; updated on October 13, 2020. from the seating bowl with a better retractable-roof design. ___The most common response doesn’t try to rebut any of this, instead simply stating that the Rangers (1) “needed” a climate-controlled ballpark and (2) retractable-roof ballparks by their very nature are going to be less attractive and more formulaic, so deal with it. When Texas Rangers fans exited The Ballpark in Arlington (1994-2019) for the final time to Frank Sinatra’s “There Used to Be a Ballpark,” the tune was intended as a tasteful sendoff to a beloved retro classic, not a prophetic sign that the Rangers would soon play in a generic venue with little character and almost no discernible aesthetic intentions.

Ballpark museums and interactive historical areas are the one fan-friendly amenity that bucks the mall-like trend.

The report from Rosenthal states that nothing is final or even approaching that stage yet, however this looks like a logical course for the MLB to be able to pull off their postseason in the entirety while also ensuring player and staff safety. Not here. Virtually all ballparks have a broad range of experiences and some level of amenity for all fans balanced with frills for the high rollers. Finally, Globe Life Field features the cutting-edge tech and video systems one would expect from a new park. Yes, I don’t think the handful of pluses outweigh the severity of the glaring flaws, but Globe Life Field, for one, nominally advances ballpark design from a functional point of view. It’s not contemporary.

The need to play in a fairly temperate area in the heart of fall is important which is why Southern California and Texas are on the table. That’s where I’d stop. Just the laziest possible starting point for a ballpark. Not well, even reiterating the caveat that I’m not formally “rating” or “ranking” the ballpark until I see the full gameday experience in action.

For all the mockery of millennials who go to stadiums and just “hang out” and not watch the game, the truth is that’s a pretty common phenomenon.

Even Yankee Stadium, formerly the most fan-unfriendly ballpark in baseball, allows fans access to the concourse above the lower bowl and has “non-premium” seats in the lower bowl. The beautiful baseball-only facility serves as the centerpiece of a 270-acre complex which solidifies Arlington, Texas as an entertainment giant in the Southwest. This is especially relevant in Arlington because taxpayers got a particularly one-sided deal.

Some media outlets have overstated the closer sightlines as being better than nearly every other retro park (not true), but this is still a plus compared to the old park. is a lot of fun, even if it’s not yet at the level of a Battery Atlanta, much less an authentic urban scene. Even granting many fans are into this sort of thing, they won’t have options here. There’s more, but I’ll stop here for now. The Ballpark in Arlington and subsequent retro parks were ultimately derided as theme parks lacking authenticity. Ironically sponsored by a Houston craft brewery, the Karbach Brewing Sky Porch is Globe Life Field’s signature social space. Not necessarily ugly from ground level. With every other ballpark, at least some parts of the lower bowl in between the foul poles are accessible, allowing fans to get a closer glimpse of players before the game. Pre-game autographs or selfies with players before the game for those in the nosebleeds at Globe Life Field? (And as I outlined, whether or not ballparks should be categorized as “mallparks” just for having these features should depend on the organizing principles of construction.). The Rangers missed an opportunity to incorporate more inspired concepts from the area like fans see across Major League Baseball.

Globe Life Field Ballpark …

I’ve always felt that the term “mallpark,” glibly uttered by some ballpark aficionados to describe any baseball stadium with a food court not named Wrigley Field or Fenway Park, has been highly overused in the past.

GLF will earn a rare 5/5 on our scorecard for “seat comfort.”. A decision like this seems like a rational one with … While trivial to many, I was surprised to see no children’s area at GLF either.

GLF could have similar views of Texas Live! outside the park shown here. There are plenty of team references throughout the concourses. Even if you don’t care about the park’s appearance or care about any of the analysis above (read: “I’m just glad to be getting out of the heat!” Fair enough, but I do address why you should care below), some of the latter key takeaways have huge implications for the practical gameday experience for all fans. Framed by a 12-acre lake, the exterior design took the traditional red brick archways and punctuated them with a flurry of regional accents and local imagery. Regional flares, distinguishable design elements, and gorgeous views defined these ballparks, including those with retractable roofs. Forget about it. So, Globe Life Field would probably be placed #20/27 in my rankings as I traditionally do them (I don’t compare the classics Wrigley, Fenway, and Dodger to the 27 others), or #23/30 if I included the classics. Better than those listed above, but probably slightly worse than the “lower middle of the pack” ballparks like those in Cincinnati, New York (Mets), Houston, and Miami. The primary focal point was still on baseball and attractive design. While there is a genuine debate about whether that’s the case in Texas—it depends on what you value—I haven’t seen anyone, not even Rangers fans and team officials, seriously dispute that The Ballpark in Arlington was more beautiful than Globe Life Field. Since 2020, it is the home ballpark of the Texas Rangers of Major League Baseball (MLB). Well, that $500 million couldn't buy a pretty ballpark, apparently. While suites block GLF’s premium District concourse, the main and upper deck concourses are open to the field, a popular ballpark feature that was lacking at The Ballpark in Arlington. From eye level, most of the exterior design is pleasant enough but soulless, representative of a typical suburban office park. Families with young children, individuals on group outings, employees with corporate-owned seats, common folks dragged to the game by their partners, or just people who got free tickets comprise a large proportion of those in attendance, all of whom are not likely to have their eyes glued to the action much of the time.

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