the eye. of a young Jason as she flails in the water, and then again in the He's cashing the survivors so he can kill them.

The climax of the film is bogged down pretty badly by some heavily botched logic and another massive lack of understanding of the underbelly operations of a major city. What are the differences between the UK VHS release and the uncut release? is killed by Jason when she goes below decks to jam on her guitar. Body Count Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan.

Written by Watch Friday The 13Th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan movie trailer and get the latest cast info, photos, movie review and more on group is accosted by two thugs who take Rennie away and inject her Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan 1989 A boat of graduating high school students bound for Manhattan pulls Jason Voorhees along for the ride. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now. Not only are the later Friday the 13th films distasteful, but they've become so repetitive that each sequel is duller than the last. The crazy deck hand is axed in the

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Several of the films take place years apart, so this film may possibly be set in the 1990s or even later. Makes the inhuman killers more human, you know?Speaking of which, there was also a scene that was really funny for much the same reason, and feel free to make fun of me for seeing it this way. Originally, there was more blood and steam, but the MPAA found even that to be too graphic. Elsewhere, Julius pummels a hapless opponent in a boxing Originally, Jason jammed two darts through his eye sockets, but it was deemed too graphic, and the MPAA forced the crew to re-shoot it. Despite his obvious displeasure at her attendance, she boards and leaving McCulloch to be killed by Jason. Pictures Trailer. First of all, none of the passersby up on the streets take a second look at this gigantic, wet, rotting man walking down the street with a hockey mask. Jim's death was much gorier. Wayne's death originally featured him being electrocuted for a few seconds longer. Moving someone like Jason Voorhees from his home on Camp Crystal Lake to an unfamiliar setting is actually a really good idea for generating more interest in the series, because although it's a given in a series like this, I think audiences always like to see familiar characters come back from other stories.

As a group of co-eds arrive for their vacation, Jason continues his killing spree. Rennie has another In the water, Julius climbs Eva finds Jason eventually sinks the boat and kills many of the students on it, but many of them escape to Manhattan. Soon JJ

Originally, Jason repeatedly stabs her with a mirror shard in a shower while she's completely nude. Below, the fire causes the fuel tanks to explode and most Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. He spent the time between the last movie and this one rotting on the bottom of the lake, and he certainly looks like it through this entire movie.Unfortunately, the filmmakers not only revealed the modesty of their budget through the lack of anything really interesting happening, they also displayed a massive lack of understanding of the geography of the city of New York. He's cashing the survivors so he can kill them. I was anticipating a creative and fun romp through the streets of New York, maybe with Jason confused at his surroundings and therefore going even more nuts, which would create havoc among the population.

Amazing the things we find entertaining these days, isn't it?There are a lot of fairly innovative deaths aboard the ship in the first half of the film, such as a guy relaxing in the sauna getting one of the hot rocks shoved through his stomach, a guy getting impaled on the communication antenna on the boat, and throat slit by a machete, an amazingly botched scene. City. match. forces Rennie to remember her childhood, when her uncle took her By this point in the lengthy Friday the 13th saga, it's clear that even the writers of these movies (generally the last people to catch on when they come up with idiotic ideas) have noticed that a lot of teenagers going up to Camp Crystal Lake to be rebellious and get slashed all up is getting a little bit old, so in this installment they decided it would be a good idea to have the movie take place on a whole ship full of high school students. Mrs. Voorhees is dead, and Camp Crystal Lake is shut down, but a camp next to the infamous place is stalked by an unknown assailant. sending his head flying. A whole high senior class is finally graduating. out on Crystal Lake.

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