Son of Havoc vs. ring ropes.²--->'''Caption:''' '''Match continued.

If you thought Wrestling/PaulBearer was funny when he ''wasn't'' flubbing his lines...²* #50: Rottweilers Gone Wild.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Botchamania [=51–60=]]]²* #51:²** [[Wrestling/TheBigShow The Giant]] goes down at the end of a title match via a belt shot to the face...and ''stays down for 6 minutes afterwards''. Sell my cock!

If she tells you she's 26, and looks 26, she's '''''{ROBBIE MORENO!!!}'''''. "²** Maffew has always taken to using "No Easy Way Out" from ''Film/RockyIV'' for the Elimination Chamber pay-per-views, but this time, when the verse comes to the lyric "I just wanna know why", that's when Batista makes his entrance.²** Mark Henry vs. panels:²--->'''Mark''': Well, my son Jacob has briefed me on how these panel things work, so I think I got it down tonight.\²'''Caption''': '''He Lied. After the crowd points out that and he corrects himself saying "6-person intergender tag team match", he says "Hey Maffew, this one's for you; Botchamania. [[Wrestling/JeffHardy Will-o-Wisp]]!²---->'''Matt Hardy:''' ''[[[SensoryAbuse distorted]]]'' BROTHER NEEE-ROOOOO~\²'''The opposing Wiperseed DELETED itself! ''[Levers reset]''²--> ''[Wario pulls a lever]'' '''Zandig:''' '''''[[RunningGag JYAYZUS! [5]. The videos often get hundreds of thousands of views across all the websites they're posted. Wonderful Paul Orndorff. Or as it's known in Europe... Ah who am I kidding? In the past it was clumsily dubbed over, if not bleeped out altogether; here he wanted to see if it was left unedited. section of the opening is of Seth Rollins holding his Money in the Bank briefcase, with the briefcase Photoshop-swapped with a sign reading... well, it's very obscene, but let's just say that it describes Bálor's EstrogenBrigade very well.²** You know how they had flags to help sell/promote ''Battleground''?

Like with Dolph Ziggler name-checking Botchamania on ''Raw'', Maffew reacted like he was having a coronary. He's got a toilet lid! / Stick it up your OOOOH~ yeah! ]]²** A "Victims of Shitty Steps" segment. What was not expected was superimposing Scott Steiner yelling "FAT ASSES!" *bweep bweep*]]'' Immediately followed by a fitting montage of ass-related moments from throughout ''Simpsons'' history.²* #392²** The endings:²*** Wrestling/ShaneMcMahon's "Best in the World" intro is [[WesternAnimation/LongHairedHare given the]] WesternAnimation/BugsBunny [[ treatment]] (complete with an Wrestling/{{Elias}} guitar riff at the end).²* #393²** The intro is done by Wrestling/FredOttman, The Shockmaster himself, ''holding the infamous Shockmaster helmet''. One of them manages to reach the ring, but the count reached ten by then.²--->'''Caption:''' Except it goes to a draw so it's ''Film/RockyV'' [[TakeThat (shite)]]²** The ICW announcer goes for a Stunner. Cue six pictures of face-palming wrestlers filling the screen, followed by, all in the center, {{Wrestling/Christian}} with a goofy grin, covered by a smirking Wrestling/StephanieMcMahon, covered by the classic Wrestling/KevinNash grin.²** What better way to showcase the "highlights" of TNA Destination X 2012 than to overlay on it the goddamn opening theme to ''WesternAnimation/ThomasTheTankEngine''?²* #210:²** ''Really'' Insipid Taz Commentary.²** A stagehand pulls a Hawk and walks in on a promo.²** ''Two'' Robbies corpsing? whoever it was on twitter who told me John Wayne says “you talk too much” in Sands Of Iwo Jima Graves' facial expressions at both things are priceless.²** During an ambush by Charlotte and Dana Brooke, Natalya accidentally makes Becky Lynch trip and fall to the mat. ''(Cue footage of CM Punk entering, [[UnPerson also set to "Don't You Forget About Me"]])''²** OLE OLE OLE chants are back! )''²--->'''Caption''': The fuck you staring at me for?²** Chris Jericho and Wade Barrett talk about Wade's RAW debut, where he was still in the NXT mentor/rookie system. Um...I'm a\²'''Mr. ]]²--->'''Mick Foley:''' Ladies and gentlemen, what you are about to truly--\²'''SFX:''' Jeezus!²** (Belch)²** Abdullah (the Butcher) vs. Sabu (the Botcher)²** The Ginyu Force is The Spirit Squad in the ending.²* #189:²** The ''[[Film/TheHangover Hangover]]''-style ending, featuring everyone from Wrestling/CodyRhodes and Wrestling/KellyKelly to Wrestling/JakeRoberts[[note]]Actually, stills from his appearance at the infamous Heroes of Wrestling PPV, but still. [[BitingTheHandHumor He is. However...\²''(Batista attempts to power bomb Cena, only for Batista to stumble backward over the top rope and out to the floor)''\²...they fuck up and both end up eliminated. NXT was better than Portland too and I don't know why people were tweeting me "hey lots of stuff for Botchamania!" Flying monkey!²* #26: Wrestling/KevinNash is mistaken about how Wrestling/RicFlair's CatchPhrase goes.²-->'''Nash''': So while you guys decide to do the limo-flyin'...²* #27: Dragon Dragon, the most agile reptile in wrestling history. ♫²*** Undertaker vs. Goldberg as illustrated by ''WebVideo/DragonBallZAbridged'':²----> '''Undertaker!Piccolo:''' The poor Saiyan, lost and forgotten to time.²----> '''Goldberg!Vegeta:''' Watch it, Namekian! After Jigsaw corrected him, the announcer followed up with this:²--> '''Announcer:''' Ladies and gentlemen, I have just been informed that Jigsaw does not have a comeback, but he thinks you're a dick.²* Steinermania: What do you get when you take Wrestling/ScottSteiner and Wrestling/TripleH's godawful match at Royal Rumble 03 and set it to the tune of "Sneaking" from [[Videogame/MetalGearSolid MGS:VR Missions]] [[ This. When the proper "JYAYZUS" hits, it's along with an [[ infamous botched portrait. You can help confirm this entry by contributing facts, media, and other evidence of notability and mutation. ''Until a guy with a goatee got a touch of fear / Which went round the room like diarrhea''²* #165: Wrestling/ScottSteiner needs another drink.²* #166:²** "Hide my face!

*clapclapclapclapclap*²-->'''Commentator:''' The fans cheering on the table... and why not? Theme of Akira Taue by Kinuyo Yamashita, Hiroyuki Iwatsuki (Zen Nihon Pro Wrestling), Thanks To… )''²** Zack Ryder comes into the ring in crutches...yet he seems to be using both feet normally. That wrestler instead bounces off the ropes and crashes back into the ring, causing a double FacePalm from the second guy. He didn't know noting about me fucking up Super Dragon.

More like Drugs in the Piss!''' "]]²** Sandman's cell phone goes off.²--->'''Sandman:''' Hey!

Maffew eventually went back and re-made Botchamania 1, 2, and 3 himself with better quality.

Really?²-->''(image of Rusev)'' [[MightyGlacier Tank]]\²''(image of Cena)'' Yank\²''(image of Roman Reigns)'' Wank\²''(image of Big Show)'' [[FatBastard Food bank]]\²''(image of sheep)'' And you. and the other is a promo where he used mathematics to claim that he had a "141 and 2/3 chance of winning" an upcoming title match at TNA Sacrifice.

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