He was an intimidator and we haven't seen one since. One overlooked aspect of his game is his postseason mastery. If you're interested in some modern-era baseball phenoms, check out this list of the best current MLB pitchers, and vote for the current players you think deserve the top spots.

In the book "The All Century Team" an argument is made as to why Greg Maddux was the greatest pitcher of the 20th Century. He should be in your top 3 or 4. His strikeout ratios were absurd. How do you loose nine games with a 1.12 era. But! ERA plus-amazing check out those numbers-no one ever even close! Lasorda didn't use this guy properly. How many players can you say that about?

He tops him in everything but strikeouts. Yep. He does not deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. Some were known for their incredible fastballs; others, including Sandy Koufax and Bert Blyleven, are known for being some of the greatest curveball pitchers of all time. Grove's relative ERA was 56% of league average; Koufax ERA was 57% of league ERA over those four year. Only Seaver and Walter Johnson have 300 wins, 3000 strikeouts, and an ERA under 3.00. 24 Homers as a batter. Read bill James. I also know his dedication and love for the game.
Koufax didn't even have 200 wins and he is the Gale Sayers of pitchers. 417 Career Wins - 2nd All-Time, but not following Cy Young is his loses.

Probably the best because of the longevity of his career. #2 is Randy Johnson at 4,875... And most importantly, every time a hitter from his era is asked who was the most intimidating pitcher they ever faced, the answer is always Nolan Ryan, The date was September 9, 1965.

2.17 ERA, one of the best ever. His best season was 22-16, never won a Cy Young award. 32nd? I KNOW that he was a phenomenal pitcher since he was a young boy like the child prodigy Mozart was to the piano. The pitcher nicknamed the Ryan Express is widely considered one of the best power pitchers of all time alongside Bob Gibson, Pedro Martinez and a few others. Estimates put his total games pitched at over 2500, 1500 wins, 300 shut-outs, and 55 no-hitters at a time when all great athletes played baseball and little else. He was the first great pitcher and still the best of all time. Throwing that hard for that long, enough said. Didn’t have to enlist. When you win 29 and the rest of your team only wins 27.

This list needs to be shortened and some kind of ranked voting.Pedro, Clemens, Walter Johnson are the pinnaclethen next tier in no particular orderAlexander, Young, Big Unit, Maddux, Seaver, Mathewson, Grove, Gibson, Koufax, Carlton, Feller, PaigeValenzuela, Spahn, Lincecum, Ryan don't deserve considerationRivera, a one inning reliever hardly deserves mentionI am biased toward high peak rather than sustained nearly great or very good over a long career. From 1992-1998 Maddux's era was 2.15, almost 2 runs BELOW the league average. Dude doesn't mess around, and appears to only be getting better with age. Not only the greatest pitcher of all time, but a war hero.

I sat in the first row directly behind the plate at Camden Yards one time when Atlanta was playing Baltimore and Maddux was pitching. Didn't get his first win until he was 27 and ended up with 363. In the history of our sport, there has NEVER been a pitcher with the stats and the numbers like those of "The Big Unit" -- Take a look at his STRIKEOUTS... in approximately only 4,000 innings pitched, he was able to STRIKEOUT nearly 5,000 batters! You know what other record is also completely unbeatable?

These pitchers were able to make up for their lack of pitch power by having arguably the best pitch placement in baseball history.
People compare Chapman to Johnson... Johnson was a starter who routinely threw over 100 mph, Chapman is a closer. The rankings on this website are absolutely whack-a-doodle. There are so many different ways to define a great pitcher: pitch velocity, outstanding command of their pitch locations and can have ridiculous movement on their breaking stuff. In his 13 year peak he had a 268-108 won-lost record, nine ERA titles a 164 ERA +.He led the league in strikeouts seven straight year He would have probably won eight or nine Cy Young Awards if it existed. Wickedest slider ever. Grove was 300-140; Koufax was l65-87. Lost 3 years in WWII by serving his country.

List is a joke. You could get set for the fastball, but you still couldn't hit it. Called Seaver "The Franchise" Called Roger "The Rocket"Deserves to be in top 6 pitchers ahead of Seaver, Maddux, and Johnson. He will not show the best on career statistics because of his shorter career. If you're interested in some modern-era baseball phenoms, check out this list of the best current MLB pitchers, … After his peak Grove finished his career in Boston with its notorious Green Monster in left field.

110 SHUTOUTS. And there are lots of pitchers who NEVER "started doing roids." You never had to guess. That however does not make him the best Pitcher although I would consider putting him near the top of the list. Much harder to start. If he was pitching today, he wouldn't come even close to his numbers. The pitcher nicknamed the Ryan Express is widely considered one of the best power pitchers of all time alongside Bob Gibson, Pedro Martinez and a few others. Three time pitching triple crown winner for all of baseball and 3 time Cy young winner for all of baseball and the only pitcher in modern history to strikeout 300 batters after misusing his walks at 307.Koufax won 25 or more games 3 times in four years and his best season in 1964 was cut short or he would have won 30 games.

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