He sends them away and it was then that they found Walter. Eliza acts as her nurse until a strange woman named Mrs. Rubelle arrives and says that she was hired to nurse Marian by Glyde. Marian and Walter decide to ask around town to find out if anyone knows who wrote the letter. Fairlie agrees because he knows that Laura won’t leave Marian when she is ill and therefore, neither of them will be coming to his house. Laura marries Glyde against her better judgment because she promised her father that she would on his deathbed, a choice that either paints her as loyal or weak, given the reader. Fairlie says that Marian’s maid, Fanny arrived one day with a letter from Marian.

| That night, Walter encounters a strange woman dressed in white on his way home. Cue the Law and Order theme song.

Mr. Gilmore is unnerved by this and fights against it. The couple returns with Sir Percival's friend, the Italian Count Fosco, who is a sinister character, and his wife Eleanor, who is Laura's aunt, and who seems to be completely under his spell. Upon reuniting with Marian and Laura, Marian tells Walter that she got a note from Fosco asking to meet where he again warned her to stop asking about Glyde. Synopsis The clerk at the Vestry shows Walter the marriage register which happened to be in the same room that Glyde and Catherick were caught. After Laura’s traumatic stay in the asylum, she begins to slowly recover herself, a period during which she is not in the novel as much.

Glyde is a money-hungry, desperate man who marries Laura for her fortune and then plans to trick her into signing it away to him.

Walter tells her he is only a drawing master and does not know anyone of rank. Kyrle is shocked to hear all that Walter has uncovered.

Just … [more] about Cinderella. Glyde appears suddenly and in her fear of him, Laura confesses what Anne told her. It was first published in the serial format in Charles Dickens’ magazine, “All the Year Round” and “Harper’s Weekly” before being adapted into a full-length novel in 1860. Months later, Walter and Laura have a son that they name Walter. Be the first to contribute! She recognizes him from London and tells him that she stayed with a friend named Mrs. Clements because she was hiding out. Fosco tells Glyde that he should handle the plan from now on, as Glyde is too emotional. Suddenly, the church goes up in flames and Walter attempts to save Glyde but is too late. With this confession, Laura's identity is restored and in death, Anne Catherick finally finds peace, buried along with her beloved Mrs. Fairlie. Mrs. Fairlie became attached to the little Anne because of her resemblance to Laura, and Anne in her turn became attached to Mrs. Fairlie. In 1870, Charles Dickens died, an event that grieved Collins deeply. Two doctors were called and both said that Laura was suffering from a heart disease. How did he come to that conclusion? Glyde is desperate for money and desperate to keep the secret that he is technically illegitimate and does not have the rights to his own home, Blackwater Park, a secret. Laura Fairlie – Marian’s sister and Walter’s eventual wife. Copyright © 1999 - 2020 GradeSaver LLC. A woman named Jane Gould is called to prepare Laura for burial and she confirms that Laura is dead. In the next section, the story is picked up through the narrative of Mr. Gilmore, the family lawyer. Walter is still determined to get Fosco to substantiate this timeline, even though he knows it is dangerous to antagonize him. He says that Marian is ill and will be staying on at Blackwater park. If Walter and Marian uncover the truth, which would mean dredging up old secrets within the Fairlie family and some even within Limmeridge House, they would discover a scheme to gain unfettered access to the Fairlie wealth. Who was buried under a false name and why? Walter then relates how Laura and Anne came to switch places. In 1873 and 74, Collins traveled to the United States and toured the country giving readings of his books. One night in London, he sees a distressed woman dressed entirely in white. The main character and chief narrator, Walter Hartright is a schoolteacher who takes a job at an estate called Limmeridge, teaching two young women how to draw.

Glyde turns out to be a baronet which forces Walter to recall the baronet that Anne Catherick said she was afraid of.

Walter falls in love with his student, Laura almost immediately and is dismayed when her half-sister, Marian tells him that Laura is already engaged to the villainous Sir Glyde. Since she knew his secret, over the years he provided for her and helped get Anne into a decent asylum. With the final link to the conspiracy against Laura finally resolved, he returns home to learn that Frederick Fairlie has also died, and that Laura now owns Limmeridge house, which will someday be inherited by their son. Eliza is then sent to find somewhere for the sisters to live in Torquay and when she returns she finds that the Fosco’s have gone to London. He goes with Marian, Walter, and Laura to Limmeridge to convince Mr. Fairlie that Laura is who she says she is. Walter Hartright has just started his employ at Limmeridge House, as drawing master to wealthy Laura Fairlie. Laura is desperate to get out and slightly insane after spending weeks in the asylum. She does not bow down to the intimidation of any other character and continues to tells the villains to their face that she knows what they are planning. Months later, Walter, Marian and Laura are all living together in London, pretending to be siblings and hiding. She is so beautiful that he cannot help but write poetically about her. Mrs. Rubelle tells her that Marian is still at Blackwater Park. In the end, he marries Laura and has a happy life with her. The novel, which predates Sherlock Holmes by decades, is considered to be one of the first mystery novels ever written. The late, Mr. Fairlie, Laura's father, was also Anne's father. Dr. Goodrick’s account confirms that Laura died from an aneurysm. After that, Walter says he will allow him to leave the country and the change to duel him later. But it is always obvious that he is only desperate to restore Laura’s identity because he loves her and not to prove that he was right. Laura goes to see Anne again but finds a note saying that she is being watched and that Anne will try to see her later. Marian slowly starts to recover. Everyone assumes that Marian and Walter are hiding Anne Catherick who, in her delusion, thinks that she is Laura. During this time, his first story ‘The Last Stage Coachman’ was published in a magazine. Walter is intelligent and quick-witted, making logical leaps about the scant clues he is given that are always proven to be true. Frederick suffers from a nervous condition that limits his contact not only with Walter but with anyone except his exasperated manservant, Louis. Taglines It was at this school that Collins first learned a passion for storytelling as he was bullied by a boy who insisted that Collins tell him a story before bed every night. Walter is a schoolteacher who takes a job teaching two women how to draw at their uncle’s estate. Walter believes that recent Fairlie family friend Count Alessandro Fosco knows more about what's going on than he lets on. People began to wonder if Mrs. Catherick’s baby was not her husbands.Mr. Walter and Marian must restore Laura’s identity and uncover the secrets surrounding Fosco and Glyde’s pasts. Walter Hartright – The main narrator of the novel. The next day, Walter meets Laura and instantly falls in love with her. Anne is deathly ill. She tells Laura that Glyde has a big secret. “The Woman In White” is a 1859 novel by the English author, Wilkie Collins. Glyde tells everyone that he helped the Catherick’s by getting Anne a place at a private asylum where she would be well cared for.

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