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[Em]Baby, take my hand I want [A]you to be my husband Cause [D]you're my Iron Man And I [B]love y, I like your [C]eyes, you look away when you pre[Am]tend not to care I like the [Dm]dimples on the c, [Intro] DM7 C#m [Verse] DM7 Kinukulayan ang isipan C#m Pabalik sa nakaraan DM, 1. C G Must this hurt you just before you go [Chorus] D Am7 Oh, tell me something I don’t already know D Am7 Oh, tell me something I don’t already …

Ever Since New York Chords by Harry Styles. C, Capo 4 Intro Em B G C Am Em C Verse 1 Em B Yelling at, [Verse1:elsa] F C Every inch of me is trembling A# But not from the cold F, Verse 1 G G D C could've been one lonely night G G D C just like, Chords is too complex? 2.919 views, 125 views this month

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