There are a total of 132 luxury suites on two levels and 8,800 Club Level seats. So we installed UVC under-escalator disinfecting lights that will help kill bacteria and virus and things that are on those handrails.". The result, Bucky was chosen. To speed the security screening process, the following suggestions are offered: The permits allow them to establish rules for the approximately half mile long path from the light rail station to the stadium entrances. Their licenses require them to continuously move and not remain in a stationary position. ... BY ENTERING THE STADIUM AND STADIUM GROUNDS, YOU VOLUNTARILY ASSUME ALL RISKS RELATED TO EXPOSURE TO COVID-19. Support Us Ultimately, we just need to see what's in the contents. “We can offer flexibility in reviewing safety-related requests and want to support the Broncos operational plan to get people in and out of this event safely.”. Paperwork obtained by CBS4 showed the Broncos applied for the special event permits Aug. 20, but they were granted Sept. 13 — two days before the first regular season home game and less than half the normal 60 day waiting period. Name Change – Many Denverites started a campaign to keep the name “Mile High” when the stadium naming rights were sold, and one of those who was the most outspoken on the issue was John Hickenlooper who owned the Wynkoop Brewery. All tailgate parties must break down and conclude 60 minutes prior to kickoff. Get the latest updates in news, food, music and culture, and receive special offers direct to your inbox. All tables, chairs, tents, coolers, barbecues, etc. She is convinced the changes are about “them making money, the NFL making their money.”, But Scott Bliek, the Broncos assistant general manager for stadium operations, told CBS4, “We’re not trying to put anybody out of business.”. By clicking 'X' or continuing to use the site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed. Tailgating won't be allowed in the stadium parking lots, and "fans who park on-site will be asked to not congregate" there, the Broncos warn. For screening with the metal detector, remove any keys, coins or other metal objects from your pockets and hold these in hand. UV-C lights have also been installed under escalators "in order to reduce or eliminate bacteria on widely used handrails," and "bipolar ionization in the stadium's HVAC system" is "expected to both lower the risk of disease transfer and eliminate allergens." Empower Field at Mile High can hold up to 76,125 people at the stadium. Fans are responsible not only for their conduct, but also their guests. It was previously known as Mile High Stadium Circle. "There's always a level of personal responsibility," Roberts said. A graphic from the Broncos website's fan-experience page. FOR THE SAFETY AND SECURITY OF OUR GUESTS, THE FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE NOT PERMITTED INTO THE STADIUM: THE FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE NOT PERMITTED INTO THE STADIUM: THE FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE PERMITTED INTO THE STADIUM: Prior to entering stadium gates, all patrons will be subject to security screening, including metal detector screening and inspection of bags or other items carried in. It's a little hard to clean. Through taxpayer funds from the six counties surrounding the stadium, as well as funds provided by Bowlen, the stadium was built and official groundbreaking took place on Aug. 17, 1999. Denver’s public works department normally requires a minimum of 60 days between the date someone applies for a special event permit and the time its granted. I want people to come in, enjoy the game, have very few customer service complaints and go home and talk about how it was a great experience, whether that's a kid who came to his first game and got to be in the big stadium or somebody who comes every week with their son or daughter and enjoys some sort of tradition. Groups desiring to tailgate together need to arrive together. "That's one of the things that the state was really concerned about, is people moving and meeting each other and spreading the virus that direction. ACCORDING TO THE CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION, SENIOR CITIZENS AND THOSE WITH UNDERLYING MEDICAL CONDITIONS ARE ESPECIALLY VULNERABLE. (CBS4) – In the 1990s, Invesco Field at Mile High replaced Mile High Stadium, which was home to Denver’s beloved Denver Broncos for more than 30 years. To maintain pod integrity, fans will be required to attend the game with known guests or transfer the allotment as a single unit or to a family member/friend attending the game within the pod. All fans should be familiar with the stadium Clear Bag Policy restricting the size and type of bags permitted. *Fans arriving early to tailgate should park in the outer, perimeter parking spaces where you can take advantage of the grass & gravel landscaped areas. At the time of the street naming the stadium’s official address was also changed to 7 John Elway Drive to honor Elway’s jersey number. We use cookies to collect and analyze information on site performance and usage, and to enhance and customize content and advertisements. must be within the parking stall or directly behind your vehicle. The small amount of crowd that we had on Monday night felt really safe; the general feeling was that they felt safer than going to the grocery store or some other place. Terms, "It comes down to a safe and happy crowd," Roberts said. For complete updated parking information and directions, click here: Parking Information. Privacy, Ultimately, though, Roberts said he expects the fan experience at the stadium to be not unlike what people may expect going to stores or other places right now as retailers look to provide customers with safe experiences. That is roughly 20 percent of max capacity. Tailgating must occur directly behind or in front of your vehicle. Small cameras, binoculars and cell phones are acceptable if carried in loosely or in an approved clear bag. What we're looking for is you wear it the whole time except that active eating or drinking, and that's the difference. What that means for visitors is faster access to concession stands and bathrooms. At the second security check, located at the gate itself, the contents of all bags will be searched and all fans will be subject to screening with a hand-held metal detector. This decision is an extension of the previously approved seating capacity guidelines in place when the … However, their use near buildings or in areas where guests or property may be damaged is strictly prohibited. There will also be a limit on how many fans are going to be let in. If you elect not to consent to the searches, you will be denied entry into the stadium. According to the source, Governor Jared Polis will announce on Tuesday that fans can start attending games on September 27th. — Signs or flags on sticks, regardless of the length But even more than just making food stands available, Roberts said Aramark will open many more than they normally would for a crowd of this size. That’s less time away from the game. All fans should be familiar with the stadium bag policy prior to arriving at the stadium on game day. Link: Visit for more information. But yes, they can go get concessions and we've made sure that all of the requirements in each area are met. "The clear bag policy will remain in effect [but] we've changed the way we're doing things," Applegate said. For years, Prante and other peddlers have been selling their wares between an RTD light rail station and the stadium. Bags must be no larger than 12” x 6” x 12” or a one-gallon clear plastic freezer bag. Roy Rogers granted permission for the use of the same cast as long as the name Trigger wasn’t used. Season ticket holders have the option of requesting a card to scan at each game instead of using mobile ticketing. But I am certain there will be some rules for this. Enter your email or sign up with a social account to get started, The independent voice of Denver since 1977. For more ticketing information, visit CBS4 Tip: For fans who are able to get seats in the end zone on the Club Level, it can be a great deal. Instead, fans will be expected to proceed toward the stadium. In 2008 the Broncos had a 98 percent renewal rate for season tickets and the team says they have close to 80,000 names currently on the waiting list for season tickets. The effort became a turning point for Hickenlooper in his career and a few years later he found himself running for — and winning – the race for Mayor of Denver.

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